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Pupil Premium 2016/17



Overview of the school

Pupil Premium funding has been provided to ‘close the gap’ so that disadvantaged pupils progress as well as other pupils.

The indicator of pupils who are disadvantaged is those who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) who are in Reception to Year 11. This also includes those who have ever been eligible for this in the last 6 years- known as the ‘Ever 6’ including Looked after Children = LAC


Number of pupils and Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) received

Total number of pupils on roll


Total number of pupils eligible for PPG

24 = 23 Pupils currently in receipt of FSM and 1 past LAC pupil

Amount of PPG received per pupil

£1320 Primary pupils ( 1 past LAC pupils= £1,900 each)

£935 Secondary pupils

Total amount of PPG received



Previous performance of Pupil Premium (PP) pupils


July 2015 * NB


July 2016


% of pupils making expected progress in English


(non PP pupils 41%)


(non PP pupils 47%)

% of pupils making expected progress in Maths


(non PP pupils 36%)


(non PP 55%)

Any additional relevant performance measures

Pupil’s Personalised Learning Programme target achievements

Foundation Profile results

Pupils P level B squared progress results

Pupils Milestones B squared progress results


* NB July 2015 Results are lower due to the introduction of a new version of the B squared assessment system in the Autumn term 2014 when all pupils were re- baselined, resulting in only 2 terms progress data.

By the end of the year in July 2016, Pupil Premium pupils do as well as Non Pupil Premium pupils and in many cases exceed them in Maths and English, so the gap has been closed.


Summary of PPG spending 2016/17        Key: PMLD = Profound Multiple Learning Difficulties

                                                                             ASD = Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Objectives in spending PPG:

This funding will be used to :


1.      The purchase of a further mounted Eye Gaze system with mountings and Grid 3 software (4 Pupil Premium pupils will benefit from this targeted funding)


Our whole school focus is on Communication and Digitalised Learning. The Eye Gaze system combines both areas of learning as it allows pupils with severe physical disabilities to access the computer by enabling them to move a mouse pointer around the screen with their eyes. We have already purchased several systems but want to increase the number of our pupils that have access to this state of the art device.

These have and will enable us to establish how much some of our PMLD pupils really understand and provide an accessible means of using the computer, develop looking and attention skills and in the long term develop an accessible means of communication.


2.     Employ a highly qualified and experienced Occupational Therapist that is certified as an Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner two mornings a week for three terms , to work over the two campuses (All 23 Pupil Premium pupils will benefit from this targeted funding)


Sensory Integration is the neurological process that organises sensation from your own body and the environment, thus making it possible to use the body effectively within the environment. For some children, sensory integration does not develop smoothly. They may not be able to rely on their senses to give them an accurate picture of the world, they don’t know how to behave in response and they may have trouble learning and behaving appropriately. She will ensure the successful implementation of Sensory Programmes for Pupil Premium pupils that will be integrated within their learning throughout the school day and in their Personalised Learning Programmes, especially in their ‘Readiness to Learn’ outcomes. Pupils will be enabled to access and progress well in their learning.

She will also: give advice and support around the sensory equipment that individual pupils would benefit from in order to meet their sensory needs

                   : provide and give teachers advice/strategies that can be implemented in their teaching

                   : write reports for Annual Reviews/EHC Plans

                   : provide advice to Parents at a termly Parents evening

                  : provide staff training


3.     Employ an OT Assistant who will be able to implement Sensory Programmes on a regular basis with some of our ASD pupils, at Sherwood Hill Campus. This will enable them to have their sensory needs more fully met and to be more ‘Ready to Learn’. Resulting in good progress and learning outcomes for these pupils

( 6 Pupil Premium pupils will benefit directly from this targeted funding)


4.     The purchase of a Headpod to aid pupil’s head positioning during feeding and communication activities. By providing this additional support this will help some PMLD pupils to have and maintain more head control in their learning and PSHE skills

(3 Pupil Premium pupils will be trialled with this equipment)



NB Many pupils will benefit from more than one area of funding use.


Summary of spending and actions taken:

£3008.98 has been spent on an Eye Gaze and Grid 3 has been purchased and is already being used with pupils

£325 has been spent on Headpod and is being trialled with pupils

£5040 will have been spent by the end of this term, as an OT has already been employed for two afternoons a week with our pupils










£3008.98 to purchase an Eye Gaze System and Grid 3 Licence

£15,420 to employ a specialist OT for 3 terms

£6, 081. 02 to employ an Assistant OT

£325 to purchase a Headpod





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